Wash Dry Fold Service

Wash Dry Fold Service in Arlington and Washington DC

Let us do your laundry and make your life easier! Only 2 minutes to drop off and 3 minutes to pick up. We charge $1.99 per lb (15lb minimum) for wash, dry and fold drop off service at our store. Please note that Comforters, Blankets, Bath Rugs, etc are priced per piece. The benefits of this service include saving time, electricity, water, detergents, etc and reduced stress.

Laundry Garments Separation
Your light and dark colored garments are separated for all loads over 25lbs. The option to clean garments in cold wash is available for gentle clothes.

Free & Cleaner Detergent
We use hypoallergenic free and clear detergent so that you don’t have to worry about unexpected smell or dyes.

Folded and Neatly Packed
Your clothes are folded by separating tops and bottoms as well as socks and undergarments. They are ready to put away in your closet upon pickup.

Hang Dry
We can also hang dry individual pieces at your discretion. The cost for this service is $1 per piece in addition to your regular laundry cost.

Wash Dry Fold Pickup and Delivery Service

Clean All Wash Dry Fold Pickup Delivery Process

Your laundry task just got even easier. You need an easy way to get your laundry carefully done. Use our pickup and delivery service and you’ll get more time for life, love, and the pursuit of happiness! The price is $2.49 per lb for this service and the order minimum is $65 because we do not charge for drivers pickup and drivers delivery fees. Large pieces such as comforters, blankets, and rugs are excluded from wash and fold and they charged separately because they require separate cleaning.

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